Patience. Persistence. Progress.
Time is money. If you’re waste one, you’re wasting both.
My Mexican blanket collection is getting out of hand. I just got this one today.
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Current rotation. Less is more.
I cringe when people say “I get paid next Friday.” Figure out a way to get paid everyday, that’s the true American dream. America teaches you to trade hours of labor for dollars. How can you possibly get rich working 8 hours a day? The only way to get ahead is to generate consistent income that you aren’t physically working for. Sleep money.
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ixviimcmxc asked: Hey, whats going on man? Have you ever thought about text marketing/crm(customer relationship management) for your brand?

I’ve been doing that for about 4-5 years now. Works well.

Hello Sunshine.
Nobody should be allowed to say what they’re gonna do anymore, only what they’ve done or are currently doing. The only way to prove you’re gonna do something is by doing it.
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Out here in nature or whatever.
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